Hi Friends,David and I are excited to say that we have confirmed that we are taking a 14-day vision trip to Tenwek Hospital in Kenya in the very near future!! Tonight we had our family meeting and talked with the kids about what our next steps are, explaining why we will be traveling to Kenya.  Although a little squirrely, they sat and listened and asked questions.  Brielle kept commenting that they will be sad when we’re gone but it’s okay because Mama and Papa will come back home. Pray for her little heart as she tries to process us leaving for 2 weeks.  Brynna and Brielle closed with prayers asking God to help us make a good decision for our family and to keep us safe.

David and I have been thinking and coming up with a couple of goals for the trip ahead.  Right now, they include:   

For those who may not know, Tenwek Hospital falls under the Compassion Department in the Health Outreach Program section of the Africa Gospel Church (AGC). 

AGC has had an incredible church planting ministry in Kenya, recording more than 1,900 church plants since its inception.  Since 2012, AGC has planted 400 new churches!  As of 2018, the Africa Gospel Church (AGC) strategic plan for 2018 – 2022 is focused on the following areas: 


The entire family is very excited about this next step.  We have so many people that are offering their support during this process and are so incredibly grateful for those that have offered to partner with us on this journey.  Thank you so much for helping us follow where we feel God is leading us.