Medical Missions Update

Tenwek Hospital – Bomet, Kenya 

This morning, Kristie and I had an incredible conversation with some of the leadership at Tenwek Hospital in Bomet, Kenya.  For those that are not aware, I (David) worked at Tenwek Hospital designing and managing the construction of their Community Development Center almost 17 years ago.  
We dialogued about the incredible need for leadership with supporting as well as training nationals for Healthcare Administration.  We also discussed the need for having special needs education (Kristie’s forte) and support at Tenwek as well as throughout the area.  All of us in the conversation felt that Kristie and I should take the next step and take a vision trip to Kenya in the near future…and if everything comes together, as early as January.  If the application process, visit, and leadership at Tenwek would accept us, our family would need to commit and raise funds to be over there for a minimum of a 2-year commitment.  

So as we continue down this medical missions journey, please continue to pray with us.  

Brief History of Tenwek Hospital

A little history about the hospital is that it was started by World Gospel Mission (WGM) in 1935 and the first doctor, Dr. Ernie Steury, arrived at Tenwek in 1959.  It is one of the largest mission hospitals in Africa.  As a primary care facility with 300 beds, it serves 600,000 Kipsigis within a 32 kilometer radius.  Some of the primary partners of Tenwek include: Samaritan’s Purse, African Gospel Church, World Gospel Mission, as well as others.

maritan’s Purse – World Medical Missions that gives a glimpse of the importance that mission hospitals have in changing the lives of people for years to come.  You will notice that there are parts of the video that take place at Tenwek Hospital.  

Below is another video showing the Tenwek Hospital 2018 highlights: