It was Wednesday and I began to feel a sense that I should take a trip to Ohio.

I called Kristie and asked her, “What do you think about me taking a trip to Ohio?”

She replied, “Do you have any appointments set up there? When and why do you want to go now?”

I then hesitantly stated, “I don’t have any appointments, but for some reason believe I should take a trip to Ohio this weekend.”

She replied, “Like in 2 days?”

I slowly responded, “Ummm…ya, like in 2 days”.

I then called by brother Mark and asked if it would be okay for me to crash at their place for the weekend and soon after I was on Priceline booking my ticket.

The words “So now what?” started rolling around in my head shortly after booking my ticket.  I prayed and then Kristie and I prayed together.  We prayed asking God who and why it felt that I needed to be in Ohio for the weekend.

I woke up early the next morning and I thought to myself, “Who can I talk to and who should I reach out to?”  I noticed that it was the wedding anniversary for one of our supporters that lives in Ohio.  We met this supporter through my brother Mark.  I messaged our supporter and asked if he and his wife would be around that weekend.  He responded that they were going out of town, and suggested I connect with their church’s Executive Director that is currently leading the Mission’s Council.  Soon after I saw a wonderful e-mail from him to the Executive Director Introducing our family as missionaries to Kenya.

Within 30 minutes, the Executive Director responded to the e-mail and was excited to hear more about what our family would be doing.  He clarified that that he was going away that upcoming week but could get together sometime early August.  I responded to the group e-mail chain letting the Executive Director know that we were going to Kenya to a place called Tenwek Hospital.  I also sent him a link to our family’s video and giving site.

His response to my e-mail:

“Well, David, you had me at Kenya….I just came back in January from a Vision trip there and was taken aback by the people and country and felt God calling ***Our Church*** to “be there” in some way.  So I’m listening 🙂 …Sunday I will be at church and honestly have a Mission Council meeting at 11.  We have a supported missionary guest, but, honestly, I wonder if you would accept an invitation to join us?  If so, I would just first want to personally talk with you a bit on Saturday. Could you let me know your thoughts?  Thank you for praying with us!”

After reading that response, I was honestly taken aback.  I couldn’t believe that the church we had been praying for almost daily for the past 5 months was actually asking us if we could attend their church’s Mission Council meeting.  I didn’t even have to ask to attend!  This was just to strange.

I responded to his e-mail letting him know that I have felt God was telling Kristie and I that their specific church was to “be there” in some way.  This was a “God moment”.  Kristie and I are not sure if we are having more “God moments” or maybe we are just more aware to be looking for them.  Either way, we truly felt this was a “God moment”.

As I began to contact more people in Ohio, more confirmations came in.  I was able to talk with 5 churches and almost 30-40 people all together while I was there about what God is doing at Tenwek Hospital and how our family is going to be part of it!  All, I mean all, of the meetings went amazing!  Everyone I met with in person and Kristie met with virtually was genuinely interested and would say to some level moved by our family pursuing full time missions. We were truly humbled and honored that so many people would want to take the time to hear our story and hear about how God is moving through medical missions in East Africa.

We now are praying for each and every person we met with so that they may think and pray about “if and how God may be calling them to be part of Tenwek Hospital through our family”.