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Divine Intervention

“Chamgei” (“Hello” in Kipsigis) During our initial vision trip to Tenwek Hospital in January, I took a moment to walk through and visit some of the areas I worked in 19 years earlier. As I was walking on the other side of the river I heard someone yelling, “David” close […]

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What is Tenwek Hospital?

What is Tenwek Hospital? Tenwek Hospital, located in Bomet, Kenya, is a ministry of World Gospel Mission and Africa Gospel Church. The hospital, which started as a single-nurse dispensary in 1937, is now a 300-bed hospital and training center. In addition to being the area’s primary hospital, Tenwek serves as […]

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Greatly Loved

With less than a month to go our family is expected to leave for Kenya. During most of our journey going into full time missions, I have felt strong while leading our family through this transition. As obstacles would arise, I kept the course and stayed focused on who I […]

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Delayed by COVID

Are you feeling stuck?   The new sermon series at our church is titled Stuck and today Pastor Chris spoke about Paul and how he may have been “stuck” in his circumstances but he wasn’t “stuck” in his attitude.  I think it is super easy to feel stuck in where […]

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